Re: kohler Engine Won't Fire in reply to Vernon Holt, 12-11-2003 07:13:15. Place the spark plug electrode side somewhere touching the metal part of the engine short block. Riding mowers are time and effort savers, a particular plus on hot days. First, identify the problem you've encountered with your engine, then rule out each potential cause. Available in air-cooled, liquid-cooled and the new KOHLER KDI, our diesel engines deliver maximum power. While many times a result of a simple oversight such as running out of fuel more difficult issues require appropriate resources, as well as a systematic troubleshooting approach. Now it turns over, but it won't fire or act like it wants to start. Hello and welcome to Just Answer, The problem may be a bad diode in the wiring, a shorted wire, a bad spark advance module, or a bad ignition module. Common solutions for: Kohler Small engine won’t start 01 - Spark Plug Inspect the spark plug for signs of wear or damage. Always follow your mower's operator manual recommendations for fuel and filters -- and follow the prescribed maintenance schedule for replacement. Click find manuals. Craftsman Lawn tractor. Model c 16s type ps4309. Forgive me if this is simple but I m not much of a mechanic I have an older (mid 90 s) Kohler 18 Magnum, spec #24521 that started and ran ok until this evening. Vernon, Quite often an engine that has been in storage for a long time gets moisture into the coil and high tension spark plug lead insulation. In addition to fuel obstructions, a spark plug with an improper gap or one that is loose won't sustain combustion. Read the spark plug first to try to see what has been going on. I'd have it popping in four hours if I had your mower with no testers none of the pro stuff they might use I'd get running for you for free. Have had the same problem and have ordered a new coil will let you know if this solves the problem. This is the only issue I have had with the engine. My dad has a toro groundmaster 120 with a Kohler 20hp engine. This is my first season with the mower (was bought a refurbished unit, with a brand new engine) and it always took a little bit for it to start up (I'd say 10 seconds or so with the choke out). Has no fire at spark plug wire. I tried to start it as always, turned the key to start and it cranked but would not fire up. Fuel solenoid is working. Will not start. The model number you posted does not yield any return. 15 answers. Gasoline Engines Designed to meet a variety of application needs, our gasoline engines range from 3 hp to 38 hp. Looking for Site or Help in how to test the Engine Rectifier, Stator, Engine Module and Digital Module. 01/16/2020 by The Kohler Engine on My Riding Lawn Mower Will Fire but Not Start ; What Is the Distance Between the Ignition Coils for the Homelite XL-76? I fixed that temporarily by running a wire to the battery. What Would Cause a STIHL Trimmer to Not Start? It seems that everywhere I look, I run into road blocks and find no information for this motor, except for the Craftsman site (which is no help). Any part you need you'll find under kholar command that's what pops up for me it's like they don't have kholar pro cv16s replacement parts. See attached link and enter your model number as CH730. Not much will typically go wrong with a Kohler engine. All these parts are expensive to replace. If your spark plug appears to have normal wear -- or if you've just installed a new one -- and the engine doesn't fire, you can check the plug by replacing the spark plug wire with a tester and pulling the starting rope. A bent shaft or unbalanced blade throws off the balance on the crankshaft, eventually retarding piston and cycle timing, leading to misses and stalls rather than starts. If troubles persist after checking the possible causes listed or you are unable to identify the problem, call KOHLER Engines Customer Service at 1-800-544-2444 or contact your local KOHLER dealer. If your spark plug appears to have normal wear -- or if you've just installed a new one -- and the Do you know if I can replace the ignitor module with a standard one, and do away with the digital module? As is the case with any combustion engine, it can come down to a number of issues. I know, I need to do a compression test to be sure, but it feels like the compression is good and I can suspend the saw (with bar attached) by the starter rope and it holds. if you or anybody else need the actual part number for this type of mower with a Kohler engine let me know and I'll give you the part number. This video explains what to do when your riding lawn mower spins but won’t start. Extremes in temperature during hot summers, fog and soggy weather can all provide clues to your mower's failure. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. ... Craftsman 917.289220 won't move. The usual suspect is the fuel delivery. Bill DeeryFrankie4luck, Yours is probably around a 1996 Kohler command cv16s, 11/05/2020 by See if you can get the service manual from here. Help. If you try to start your mower without putting the gear lever in neutral or depressing the brake pedal, the starter might fire, but your engine will choke. Thank you for the response. The starter cranks but the engine won't fire. I suspect and issue with the switch, but Ill deal with that later. 27 hp Kohler Command won't fire Service Department. I found a site where I could check the year made and it isn't even listed. Once the solenoid has provided the spark to fire the starter, the carburetor, spark plug and pistons take over. A problem that Kohler engines have is to flood the cylinder with gas after the engine is shut down due to a worn needle valve in the carborator. Shes bee sitting for about 10 years. If the engine floods out it must be throughly air dryed by urning the engine over without the sparkplug. I understand that it is possible that an oil seal failed and may have got to the points. When your mower fires and then dies, the cause might be environmental, fuel-related or the result of a technical problem. 05/15/2019 by Electrodes that have been worn thin are a sign of overheating, often caused by too much ethanol in the gas. My Husqvarna 48-Inch Mower Will Not Stay Running, My Murray Riding Mower Starter Spins and the Motor Won't Start. That done, the engine has a solenoid fuel shutoff for the carb. hello my kohler engine start when it going on load one coil dont work.and it not bare load.i have change 3 coil but problem is same after 15 mint one coil dont work. I will need to have your model number of the tractor to figure out if it is a relay or an engine spark module … A flooded engine, due to an open choke, can cause an engine to fire and then die -- the odor of gas provides a clue to flooding. Not uncommon. My Mower Engine Doesn't Shut Off Immediately, Briggs & Stratton: Engine Starts and Then Shuts Down, Kohler Engines: Service Manual Kohler Command CV-11-16, Kohler Engines: Service Manual Kohler Courage SV470-SV620, Outdoor Power Equipment, Small Engine, Lawn Mower Repairs, Troubleshooting and Safety: Sheered Flywheel Keys, Arizona Cooperative Extension: Master Gardener Manual: Lawns, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: State Actions Banning MTBE (Statewide), My Riding Lawn Mower Cuts Off When the Clutch-Brake Is Released. You may notice that the engine on your Kohler lawnmower is cracking but it still won’t start. The same goes for moving off the seat, which opens the “kill” switch, an essential safety feature in all mowers. The best place is to put it right on the rim of the installation hole. Purchase maintenance and replacement engine parts today. The motor has an electric ignition. with all that information you would think I could find out what year it was made. The engine spins freely with starter, but will not start at all. Thank you for your question as to why the Kohler engine will spin over but will not start. The spark plug, the carburetor, the recoil starter, and the ignition coil are some of the most common issues . Replacing the worn part isn't difficult, but you may need a pro to properly disassemble the engine. Acts like it may start when you let up on the key, but doesn't start. Moisture in a fuel supply, in either the gas can or tank, can stop an engine. Knowing where to locate needed resources, and applying sound troubleshoo… Kohler Command Engine No Start Backfire Runs Poorly Check out the steel woodruff key between the crankshaft and flywheel hub. Why Does My Mower Bog Down When the Engine Gets Hot? Re: Kohler 25hp vtwin won't start in reply to Charliebee, 10-03-2003 05:48:31 First, have you determined that yer getting fire at the plugs? If you see a thick layer of black carbon deposits, it's a sign that the carburetor mixture is too rich -- your engine may even be smoking. Model CV740S. Shoot a substitute fuel (WD-40 or PB Blaster Lawn Mower Tune-Up) into the carburetor throat and then try starting the engine (Photo 1). The other day he let a neighbor use it and it quit running. This moisture will short out the affected parts and be a cause of no spark. When your engine cranks but won't start or run, it could mean your engine is having trouble producing a spark, getting fuel, or creating compression. Occasionally, the Command engine while shutting down likes to rotate backwards before coming to a complete stop and there by jolting the flywheel hard enough on the crankshaft to shear the woodruff key. The mower is an 2004 model and I bought it brand new. This was not part of the program because everything we loan out comes back broken so we have agreed we weren't loaning out any more equipment. Do you know of any way to test the digital module or if I can bypass this somehow? The muffler moves the heated, ignited gases away from the engine block and the operator. It has a Briggs and Stratton i think 3.5 hp engine on it. Leave it with me an I'll get it running in four hours or less. You need all the right tools for taking apart the motor without the tools you'll be paying a pro to do a easy job you can do your self with the right tools in hand. Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers. I have a McClane edger that is about 35 or 40 years old. After inactivity, the gas in your mower's tank begins to break down and lose volatility. To start viewing messages, select the … But if i take it off and cover the air inlet, it will start, run for up to 30 minutes and then stop, but it will not accelerate. If the air filter is on, it won’t start. A retired municipal judgem Reynolds holds a degree in communications from Northern Illinois University. william seguin Why the Spark Plug Won't Fire on a Lawn Mower Accessibility. My engine doesn't say kholar command it says kholar pro on the side it says cv16s I'll just have to make some parts for it i guess.

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