Our souls must be "washed" from the past. The day of presentation has not yet come — the day of maturity, perfection, and bloom; but come it shall! We may go farther — the chief glory of God is the holiness of God. Biblical Commentary (Bible study) Ephesians 1:15-23. A. In the experience of every believer there is a solemn scene in which he has acknowledged God's claims; has asked, "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?" Just as afterwards, in the copy, the man is not loved first, but the woman. Wicked men have often now more knowledge and science than good men; but they do not make a good use of it. Wisdom Literature He does it by the instrumentality of His word.7. Atkinson. He animates her by the grace of His Holy Spirit.5. If all thy actions towards others, then, much more all things that concern thy wife, should be done in love. Devils may have possibly, and I am persuaded they have, knowledge or talent; and Voltaire and Byron would be fools by the side of some of them. H. Indeed, there is now a connection and a communion between them; but the distinction is rather this: He is now with them — hereafter they will be with Him. It is now also partially prevented and obscured by their outward condition. This He does by the sanctifying influences of the truth through the operation of the Holy Spirit, which is compared to the cleansing of the body by water. Manton, D. D.)The glory of the ChurchJ. God is love.2. The Bridegroom's gift. To persuade to this love.1. ""The Church loved, washed, presentedJ. H. (1) We see they have their imperfections now. 'That was what I married her for,' he answered, simply. This submission is based on the fact that God has made man the head of the woman. By painful afflictions at others.10. Language seems altogether to fail in describing the love that Jesus has to His Church. Ministers have a charge. How often a husband who may bestow large gifts on a wife, grieves her by the lack of delicate sympathy and gentle care for her comfort in the trifles which make up life. And this is here intended. And why — again we ask — why so glorious? But though the Church is now "glorious," and "more glorious than the mountains of prey," yet its glory is partially prevented and obscured now. There are deeds of power which elicit more boisterous applause, but there are none which more invoke what is holiest in our nature than these exhibitions of conspicuous love. Oh! HOW WE SHOULD THINK OF IT. THE LOVE OF CHRIST TO HIS CHURCH. 5:25-33). And lastly, THE LOVED ONE IS TO BE PRESENTED. How completely this demolishes all ideas of human merit.2. And the presentation here unquestionably regards a future day that day for which all other days are made; and which is more than once so emphatically called "the day of Christ." Seek to love others as Christ loved us. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. So Christ gave Himself; a donation which infinitely transcends all the universe besides. "Christ loved the Church." Of this "washing" the laver of baptism is the emblem. unless he can love her better than Christ loves the Church. It is, we are told, to "sanctify and cleanse" the Church. You are ready to ask perhaps, "Is not His Church glorious now?" Then it should soothe you under the removal of those who sleep in Jesus. Love not as bare husbands, but as Christians.4. The next is the sacrifice of Christ. (1) To glorify God and Christ, who intend so much glory to us. By her complete and eternal exemption from every charge of all her enemies, even by Christ.Inferences —1. )The bride of ChristJ. If pure it must also be happy; for only the pure can be truly glad. How often a husband who may bestow large gifts on a wife, grieves her by the lack of delicate sympathy and gentle care for her comfort in the trifles which make up life. (2) Let the foresight of this estate comfort us against our abasement in the world. First, I remark, that we should love the Church.II. Oh! (4) Then you will see, lastly, what it is that achieves and finishes their glory. He perhaps saw himself in that Church; he, one day a poor fisherman on the shore of Tiberias, now an exile from his native land, he should be there; the shout of the archangel and the trump of God should salute his ear: the rider of "the white horse," the Man of the nameless name, with eyes "like a flame of fire" and "vesture dipped in blood," should come even to him; he should be at His wondrous marriage supper. What makes the difference between angels and devils? He gave Himself in all that He now is as God and Man, exalted to the throne, for the endless benefit of His beloved Church.III. This brings us to the second part of our subject; which is, THE GLORY OF THE CHURCH. "The washing of water," is "by the Word."III. But Christ loved us when we were deformed and defiled by sin. Oh, how glorious is this! Of the final end of our redemption; and there —(1) Of His love, that Christ could not satisfy Himself with doing us good here, but He would provide for our glorious estate hereafter. I wish you all holiness, and then there is no doubt but you will have all happiness. She has a glorious history. )A glorious ChurchJ. But when it is here said that He will "present it to Himself," it implies some present distance or absence — a want of some present recognition and acknowledgment. "Order is heaven's first law." Even so, when humanity had been stung by the foul and deadly serpent, sin, Christ came forth and volunteered to extract the poison, although the effort cost Him His life. THE ULTIMATE END AND RESULT. The Gospels (3) His love is tender. replied Mr. Hill, with the deepest feeling, "can a man love a good wife too much? Now comes the final purpose. The second of these presentations we call official; and these are made by ministers. "Let us learn these practical lessons:1. — not only to teach them, and not only to nourish them, but to protect them, so that the arrow that toucheth them must touch her, and come through her, before they can be destroyed. So, the love of Christ is the origin and the abiding cause of His connection with the Church. It is a rose of the same loveliness and fragrance whether it bloom amid the splendours of royal gardens or in the cottager's door yard; it is the nightingale which sings in the night the same song for prince and peasant. And Adam was not deceived; but the woman, being deceived, was in the transgression" (1 Timothy 2:12, 13). Lady Lawrence had left the room; and twice in the course of a few minutes her husband asked what had become of her. This is what the apostle means when in his Second Epistle to the Corinthians he says, "I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ." It is. He gave Himself in death; the ransom for His Church.4. Why, it is this — that they will no more have any "spot or wrinkle, or any such thing." He established and perfected the Church before God (1 Thessalonians 3:13).2. The ivy has its beauty, as it gracefully twines around the oak; but were it to become stiff and rigid, and ape the robustness and strength of the tree to which it clings, while it would never become an oak, it would lose all its own special charms. Vintage Bible page verse scripture - I Love My Wife - Ephesians 5:25 ART PRINT or CANVAS christian couple, marriage, gift for her, All Sizes Art4theMasses. We did not love Him; but He loved us. "The washing of water," is "by the Word."III. Wrinkles are one of the common symptoms of age or weakness. H. A love of communion.6. H. There are features in which woman is very superior to man. N. Norton, D. D.)Christ's love for the ChurchT. It is an allusion to the spouse of a king, or a royal marriage (Psalm 14:13). Ephesians 5:25 says that Christ gave Himself for her. 2. We did not love Him; but He loved us. "Glorious." We are now obscure, afflicted, poor, disgraced in the world. I observe in the text, that those who are presented to Christ, and by Christ to God, is His Church, and is a glorious Church.4. 3. (4) Then you will see, lastly, what it is that achieves and finishes their glory. But especially by His Spirit, in, and by all things.IV. Well might the apostle speak of "the breadth and length and depth and height of the love of Christ which passeth knowledge." Its trees are green forever. Every true child of God should be willing, if need be, to fight for the Church.(J. Glorious in holiness and purity.(1)Perfect.

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