Below are five popular deer hunting calibers, along with basic explanations of why they continually earn top rankings among deer hunters. I don’t think we can accurately say how many deer have fallen to the 94 and it’s kin, but it’s fair to say that it’s more than the other rifles out there by far. Joined Nov 27, 2018 … When using a lightweight, fragile projectile, such as the Hornady 120-grain V-Max, the 7mm-08 Remington chambered deer rifle nicely pulls double-duty for prowling predators and destructive marmots. As for 250, 300 yards or up to 500 yards I know what my rifle does but the reality of UK stalking is that most deer are taken at under 100 yards and the majority of stalkers don't take anything over 200 yards. The feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes with bringing back your own caught deer for dinner is intoxicating. An aging hunter's major concern is recoil. The rifle offers tremendous value. A 9mm is generally cheaper than a .45 or larger calibres, has less recoil and higher velocity than a .45 ACP. Go. All of the cartridges in this article, and many more that were not mentioned, are perfectly capable of ethically putting down deer. It is clearly the excellent cartridge for perfect deer hunting. However, deer hunting is not as easy as just picking a rifle from the rifle case and firing on a deer, The chart below clearly defines the advantages of smaller calibers for older deer hunters. In Scotland Roe may be shot with a minimum of a 50 grain bullet travelling at least 2,450 FPS to give 1,000 FPE which in practical terms means a minimum of .222 Rem calibre. Leave a … Dr J.Y. 1 of 3 Go to page. 6 Best Deer Rifles for Hunting The Big Woods Bryce M. Towsley 11/11/2019. .308 Votes: 22 35.5% 7mm-08 Votes: 3 4.8% 6.5 Creedmoor Votes: 4 6.5% .243 Votes: 4 6.5% Other Votes: 34 54.8% Total voters 62; 1; 2; 3; Next. Best Hunting Calibers 1. More Hunting… .30-06 Springfield. Browse Hunting Rifles for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. Search, buy and sell Rifles on GunStar today! It is chambered in handguns, sub-machine-guns and rifles and is the standard NATO handgun round. Each of the hunters that I have discussed here fits this description. Best Deer Hunting Calibers – Wrap Up. Best Deer Hunting Rifle Of 2020 – 8 Best Hunting Rifle For The Money! The .30-06 Springfield cartridge is one of the most commonly used calibers for deer hunting. Here are six rifles that shoot fast and hit big whitetails hard. It has very little recoil and is known for its long-range accuracy, especially with modern-day riflescopes. The gun is very accurate out of the box thanks to its factory bedded stock and free floated barrel. By Jeff Johnston. I f you haven’t heard arguments about what constitutes the perfect deer rifle, you’re probably deaf. We often get asked for information on deer stalking in the UK and we all know that stalking in the UK offers some excellent opportunities for both national and international hunters. This is quite suitable for small species of deer like Roe, Fallow and Sika. Well, most rifles are poor choices for self-defense, but some will work for both hunting and home defense. Best Caliber for New England Deer Hunting?! However, the .308 has less recoil and is available in short action rifles (while the .30-06 only fits in long action rifles). Advantages: • Proven performance on deer and larger game • Hunting-specific bullets available in weights ranging from 120 to 180 grains The famous gun writer Jack O’Connor glorified the .270 Winchester in his stories for nearly 40 years, helping it to become one of the most popular rifle calibers in the post-World War II era. Though most hunting loads are slightly less powerful than modern .30-06 hunting loads, the .308 is still more than powerful enough for hunting deer. Choice Of Pellets. Because of the formidable size of Red stags and the longer distances that shots usually have to be taken at while stalking Red Deer, .270 is regarded by many as the minimum calibre a hunter should use for them. Updated: August 22, 2019. What Could Be Improved and Why. If you want a rifle that provides excellent accuracy and powerful knockdown shooting, this rifle will probably give you the best chance. Thread starter L. Daniels; Start date Nov 29, 2018; What is the Best Caliber for New England Deer Hunting? * But in order to makes things easy when choosing the best break barrel rifle for hunting rabbits, you only need to select the calibre of pellet you prefer, as all the rest is down to your level shooting experience and preferences. If you choose an “assault rifle” and decide on an M4/AR15/M16 type rifle, be prepared for sticker shock. This article is about what are, in my humble opinion, the best deer rifles you can own or purchase right now. Winchester Model 94 (and other lever actions) I’m kind of lumping all the Winchester lever guns here under the banner of the 94, but the 94 is a great rifle. Best Hunting Rifles – Top 10 Best Hunting Rifles Review. While many .270 rifles can be used for deer hunting, this one will probably be used the most by both beginner level and seasoned pros alike. So my conclusion to the best caliber of deer hunting is the caliber your centerfire rifle with properly constructed bullets will shoot comfortably. I have put together a list of standard hunting calibres that are available in a wide range of new firearms, which you might find useful. The Ruger American Rifle is the best hunting rifle for beginners. Top 6 Choices for Best Rifle Calibers for Deer Hunting .270 Winchester. 1. In choosing the best hunting rifle caliber for you, it is important to find a balance between something that is easy on both the shoulder and the wallet. Selecting the best deer hunting rifle for your style of hunting might be easier than you think. Trans women retain athletic edge after a year of hormone therapy, study finds. Below are a few of the best. American big game hunting pioneer, Jack O’Connor championed the merits of the .270 nearly 100 years ago and killed big game ranging from Coues Deer to Dall Sheep to grizzly bears with a .270.

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