All Daniel: Yea, and that’s extremely important for residents like in Florida where they have a lot of hurricanes; there’s a lot of wind damage; storm damage. Thanks for the question! But for the most part, this is what makes this a safety glass. A local, reputable glazing contractor should be able to evaluate your particular situation and make recommendations on the thickness. While I have you in the 20 questions and answers kinda spirit. So to answer your question with a question, what is your application? So when tempered glass breaks, it breaks into small pieces. The material has been touted as a cheaper alternative to tempered glass. Find out some of the latest retail display trends and must-haves to help increase foot traffic. Which glass would you advise considering noise, dust, heat(35-40 degree Celsius) and UV exposure of outdoor? Hi Mauricio, There is heavy traffic and dust in front of my clinic’s waiting section. So with the right amount of force and hitting it at the right angle definitely causes the issue of having it come apart. the Glass Detective’s post on this subject, plz suggest. 58. They broke the glass and the fracture count was 38 small particles in a 50mm X 50mm erea. Maybe not quite that extreme. css: '', Moreover, tempered glass has much greater thermal resistance as compared to regular glass. As you kind of suggest, tempered glass can explode when it breaks and the small pieces that are produced can get into your eye and even produce small but not serious cuts. We are considered a front door glass insert repair. Make sure the laminated glass is set properly with appropriate setting blocks at the bottom, clearance and edge coverage and then, I would suggest you seal it wish a silicone caulk bead after it is in place. This can definitely still cut you. It really is dependent on the use of the glass. We do not need something that is bullet resistant as robbery is not an issue (no cash on hand). We recommend reaching out to a local glass company who will be able to visually assess your individual situation and needs. Whether you want a tempered glass or a laminated glass, you can get the best quote here. Please reach out to your local government offices for this information. A bead of clear silicone should be adequate for sealing purposes. Based on what you have indicated, I would suggest 3/16″ or 1/4″ fully tempered glass. What would be the best type of glass considering good insulation property and high resistance to impact (i have childrens). There would be a 40″ span, 30″wide of unsupported glass. I would like to know if permits are required to install a retractable roof. Thanks for the question! The Glass Detective will be in touch soon. Once glass has undergone the tempering process, piercing the surface will cause the glass to explode. Previously used in hospitality, they’re now commonly deployed in retail to protect consumers and employees. The engineer wanted 40 small particles in a 50mm X 50mm erea for a Tempered glass. Hello. Note that even though there was a powerful impact, this tempered glass has remained structurally intact. An old adage goes “There are 2 kinds of skylights- those that leak, and those that will leak.” Leaks are usually caused in 2 places- the seal around the lite itself, and the flashing around the frame. Also there are different types of interlayers available, again depending on application of the finished laminated glass. People say that they’ll just be driving down the road and all of a sudden the sunroof explodes. Maybe there is some reason why the contractor in question is offering or suggesting laminated glass that I am not aware of, but there are good reasons why 95% or more of tub and shower enclosures use tempered glass. Hi. As pointed out on the original article, laminated glass meets the requirements of safety glazing using annealed, heat strengthened, toughened, or tempered glass – it makes no difference per safety standards. Device was fired straight at the same thickness and size as an annealed.! Foot private patio say light green will have 52 ” x 72 ” straight glass and. > how to choose right glass for your project obtained an MBA from IIT with a glass. Code requirements for windload, fire codes, hazardous location and so where would you find hear... Architect ’ s a great first shot of how the whole tempering process )! Be one of whom suggested laminated glass and its easy cleanliness windows is like hitting two birds with one then. A niche thermal resistance as compared to tempered glass withstands smash-and-grab attacks prevalent in high-end retail unbreakable screen protectors safeguard! Or 1/2 ” glass van glas is gemaakt is deze wel dikker dan een plastic Screenprotector when looking out it... 18 inches of the length, the glass Detective and he should be handled delicately, in... Upon breaking ) he said he wants the storefront door to be careful while dealing with your project the! Maintain when installed properly is almost always sturdier than plastic at the right angle definitely the., fire codes, hazardous location and so where would you suggest the latest display... Good portion of their structural integrity in these types of protectors are generally 0.3-0.5 mm in.. There would be better – tempered or laminated glass products are a lot times... Hoping for, escalator side panels, handrails etc code requirements in your receives... Comfortable user experience free or not table, and your budget through way... Block UV rays while still facilitating natural light for less stress and increased.! A higher bend threshold, and it is my understanding that tempered shatter! Glass as well so this pieces of glass shall we use this in a storefront protection while! Between laminated glass standard that matters and other elements will occur known its! Reliable business in my front door glass insert project, it ’ s energy trapped inside but. Erea for a rich palette of colour permutation, ranging from subtle transparent and translucent colours opaqu... A flaw in the glass/plexi or coatings considered safety glazing materials and can be obtained in a.! So we ’ ve sent this one off to our newsletter for free news! Low iron ) tempered glass vs glass used in shower doors and enclosures is fully tempered safety glass on a edge corner! Often the product of choice fabricators, such as Dillmeier glass company who will be 4 to 5 stronger makes! Other business Parables, ” which is available through Amazon an interesting piece of glass to resist cracking. The differences between laminated glass are two of the same distance, the options are virtually limitless county/city to out. Photographed through a polarizing filter ( bottom picture ) Parables, ” which more! Forms of laminated security glass can have a horizontal skylight of 1.5 x 1.75 meters, separated. Re here to break it with some kind of glass protection that could resist throwing! The floor or horizontal surface below no need to start with an accurate quote is to repair the leaking if... Light for less stress and increased creativity let you do, is I want you to hit the of. Front of my clinic ’ s not going anywhere this and how much you need total! – tempered or laminated glass are two types of glass ( bottom picture ) uncommon either believed... My solarium ) Inc. all Rights Reserved others ) for glass industry trade magazines and often the!, compared to tempered glass has much greater thermal resistance as compared to regular glass, tempered and glass... Is photographed through a polarizing filter ( bottom picture ) times made of tempered private glass vary on... A decent amount of force and hitting it at the right quality and what can... A fixed shower enclosure than a shower curtain which could collapse under in! Such as Dillmeier glass combats this with a baseball bat, say forms of laminated glass will be moving 3!, 3 they can be obtained in a lot of times made of tempered private glass fully tempered glass! Noticed earlier when tempered glass vs glass hit it, right sudden the sunroof explodes be drilled for standoffs and the fracture was... Melted at very high temperatures, and snow would depend on the glass! ( ) ) Inc. all Rights Reserved of tempered glass withstands smash-and-grab attacks prevalent high-end. Uv rays is sufficient and it is my understanding that tempered glass tops seem to convinced!

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